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Cat Naps


Most cat owners have seen their pet regurgitate a hairball at one time or another. Hairballs can result from your cat’s normal habit of grooming itself. As your cat grooms itself with its tongue, it swallows a lot of loose hair. Unfortunately, hair is indigestible.

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Birds of a Feather

Common Household Toxins

Toxic substances can present a serious health risk for your pet bird. Many pet owners are unaware that certain substances can be toxic to their birds. The following is Pet Poison Helpline’s (24/7 Animal Poison Control Center 855-764-7661) list of the five most common household toxins to be aware of for pet bird owners.

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School of Fish

Choosing Live Freshwater Aquarium Plants

Before you start adding plants into your aquarium, it is very important that you understand the pros and cons of adding freshwater plants to your aquarium. Fully understanding both the benefits and negative aspects of having freshwater plants in your fish tank will lead to a more satisfying experience with your aquarium hobby.

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Ferreting Out Fun

Toys for Your Ferrets

All ferret owners know that these pets are very inquisitive animals and need plenty of toys to keep them entertained and occupied. If they don’t have enough toys or toys that interest them, they’ll get easily bored and find ways to entertain themselves by getting into things that they shouldn’t!

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