Toys for Your Ferrets

All ferret owners know that these pets are very inquisitive animals and need plenty of toys to keep them entertained and occupied. If they don’t have enough toys or toys that interest them, they’ll get easily bored and find ways to entertain themselves by getting into things that they shouldn’t! By giving them plenty of fun toys, you’ll be providing them with endless fun and entertainment.

One of the most important things to keep in mind about ferret toys is safety. Ferrets are known for their love of rubber and latex. These are bad toys! Anything with rubber or latex should be avoided! Ferrets can and will chew pieces of rubber off the toy and in doing so they could ingest it and an obstruction could occur, requiring a trip to the vet. Always avoid toys with small pieces or parts and toys that could come apart. If a toy has become torn, broken or worn out; throw it out.

Here are a few ideas for toys that many ferrets love:

Cat teasers
Jingly bells (can be found in cat toy area)
Toy mice of all kinds
Ferret Kongs
Tunnels and tubes
Any plush toys that a ferret can sink its teeth into
Most other cat toys
Tennis balls or other plush balls
Any crinkly toys
Any rattling toys
Hard baby toys
Play tents
Cat scratching houses
Cat crinkle sacks/bags

Ferrets are also known for finding their own toys. It’s well known that a ferret can and will make a toy out of anything. Take socks for example, many ferrets are very amused by socks and love to stash them anywhere they see fit.

Things around the house that ferrets like:

Plastic/paper bags (Only under very close supervision!!)
An old pair of pants for the ferrets to run through
Plastic bottles (empty)
Boxes/Soda Boxes <- All ferrets love boxes!
An old pair of shoes or boots to climb/hide in

WARNING: Some pet toys may have small pieces on them that a ferret could ingest. Ingesting such pieces could cause fatal blockages. Inspect each toy before giving it to your ferret, and remove any small pieces that could pose a threat to your pet!




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